Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have a good friend who is married and is very close to me. I cannot say I am homosexual and neither is he.  I am doing a course on human anatomy, and he has agreed to be my model. This basically involves him stripping down to his birthday suit and I will observe his body in terms of musculature and functions. When I got to observe his genital area, he had an erection quite quickly. Every time I have to poke down there, he gets an erection. To fully observe the vascular system, I ask him to get his penis erect and he ends up cumming. He has suggested that I masturbate him.  My questions are, why does he think I'd masturbate him? And secondly what do you understand about him from what I have told you. I am confused as to why he behaves this way. What is your advice?

Dear Confused,

I find it hard to believe that you truly needed to observe another man getting an erection, especially when you have witnessed this same phenomenon your whole life with your own dick.  Neither you nor your friend may be homosexual, but you both are obviously interested in masculine sexuality.  I suspect that your friend asks you to masturbate him because you ask him to do sexual things which are essentially inappropriate to your anatomy study.  He knows that you are getting off on looking at him in action.  He knows that you want to see him pump out his spunk.  The fact that your friend is willing to do this for you means that he is a good friend indeed.  He apparently likes performing for you, but he might not be totally comfortable with your voyeuristic position.  He might prefer to express his sexuality on a more equal basis with you.  For starters, he might enjoy watching you masturbate as well.  I suggest that it's time for the two of you to talk about your expectations and desires for this situation.  If either of you does not wish things to become more sexual between the two of you, you should stop the anatomy "lessons" immediately or they will potentially ruin the friendship.