Dear Bearded Confidant,

Congrats on a column important to all of us and well documented.

I am circumcized, but generously so that I can cover about three fourths of my dickhead when hard.  Recently I discovered sores under the foreskin, which looked like abrasions, but were not, and hurt only when directly irritated.  I saw my physician who diagnosed them as  fungal sores, similar to athletes foot.  He prescribed an antibiotic and a fungal cream to use. He took a culture to be analyzed for syphyllis etc.  These are not STDs, he said.  Now a month later, they are back.  I can fix the problem with an antibiotic and the cream which I have, but I wonder if you have ever heard of anything like this, and what the hell is causing it?

I am gay, but relatively inactive.  I don't have a steady partner and most often just jack off with another fucking etc. As it happens, I haven't been with a guy since I healed the last batch of sores and the new ones developed, so I am really puzzled what is causing this.  I can and will, if need be, return to the doc, but it seems odd that these should reoccur so soon.

I keep myself clean, bathe daily and I know these are not caused by any lack of cleanliness.  I am a nudist and it is embarrassing to go to suntan lake with a sad looking dick!  I would appreciate your opinion and if you have ever heard of anything like this.  This has been going on for a few years now, but has happened more often this year, like about five times since Jan.

I know how to fix them, as I wrote, but I am not comfortable having to use antibiotics that often for 10 days at a time.  In January, I was sucked off by a foreigner in an adult theatre and I thought I caught something when the problem flared up.  However, this does not seem to be true as the doc tells me the problem is fungal.  What the hell could cause it?  I do wear briefs, but more often wear none or am nude.  I wondered if it could be an allergic reaction from laundry detergent or such, but I have used the same stuff for years with no problem.  Many thanks.

Dear Ray,

From what you describe, I think you are correct that your problem is not caused by any lack of cleanliness. I think that it is good that you practice nudism, since keeping your cock cool, dry, and well-lit generally helps prevent fungal growth. Your experience with the doctor points up the limitations of Western medicine. It's good for an emergency, such as clearing up your flare-ups when they occur, but it isn't good for preventing them from coming back. You need your whole system treated, not just your flare-ups. You need to get to the source of the problem, not just the consequences. I strongly recommend that you visit a traditional, holistic health practitioner, such as a doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine or Ayurveda. They will address imbalances in your entire system which could lead to chronic health issues. You don't want to continue living with recurring flare-ups and quick fixes. You'll live and love better knowing that the problem has been solved at the source.