Dear Bearded Confidant,

Okay, I'll keep it simple.  I started shaving my chest in the summer and everyone loves it, girl friends and guys.  But recently, my stomach has gotten little bumps.  I assume it's razor burn.  I'm not doing anything different than I was before.  How can I prevent this, but most of all, I haven't shaved in a week and it won't go away, so how can I get rid of these bumps in the first place?  Should I shave with or against the grain?  If I shave with, there's tons of stubble left unlike when I shave against.  Or should I just start waxing or using that Nads stuff?

Dear Burned,

One danger of shaving is that the hairs can start growing back at the wrong angle and become ingrown.  That is most likely what the bumps on your stomach are.  Even though you have stopped shaving for a while, the stubble is still ingrown and the bumps remain.  My advice is to go to a dermatologist because the bumps could become infected.  Stop shaving your torso, and once your bumps are taken care of, look into a permanent hair removal solution if you are serious about being smooth.  As long as you shave, you will risk getting the bumps again, and there's no way to avoid them that I know of.