Dear Bearded Confidant,

I'm a freshman in college in the Southeast US, so it is not feasible for me to be out on campus and thus hard for me to meet other guys.  One of my suite mates, who is really hot, knows that I am gay.  He is a virgin but is straight.  I know this has been asked before, but how can I get him to let me suck his dick?  I have about six months to work on it (at least), so there are no time constraints, but I can't figure out a way to bring him into a sexual situation.  We don't watch porns together or anything, but we have lunches together in which we talk openly to each other about experiences and desires (although I haven't yet breached the desire in question with him).  What are some specifics on how do accomplish this while not losing his friendship if it doesn't work out?

Dear Enrolled,

I'm not sure why you say it is not feasible for you to be out on campus, since throughout history men have been openly homosexual in far more conservative and dangerous places than Southeastern US colleges.  The fact of the matter is, if you want to meet other men, you can't hide your interests from them.  If you decide that you must hide your sexual orientation, then you must also be content to spend most of your sex life alone and the rest of your life hoping no one discovers the real you.  I don't think your main problem lies in being out, but rather in finding private time and space to be alone with a man.  The campus scenario doesn't lend itself to privacy, and you hardly want to ask your friend to join you in a bathroom stall or motel room.  You are not likely to ever suck him off at your lunches together, so you are going to have to arrange to meet with him wherever you have the greatest chance for some privacy and where you can watch porn videos together.  That's really the only solution I can recommend for you.  Watching porn videos together will get you both horny and will help him to loosen up some of his inhibitions.  (The fact of the matter is that the majority of men, of all orientations, love to get their dicks sucked, and you'd be surprised how open-minded a man can become when he gets offered that prospect of supreme pleasure!  But he needs to be hard and horny before he gets the offer.)  It is good that you can talk openly together, and your next topic of conversation should be about the wicked porn DVD you just bought.  If you can't bring yourself to discuss porn with him, then just get him to watch t.v. with you, "accidentally" hit the play button on the DVD player, and allow things to develop from there.