Dear Bearded Confidant,

You seem to be the shrine of good advice I am looking for. So here goes... About three years ago, I met this guy at a cafe with friends. He was/is the most beautiful man I have seen yet (and I have seen a few). When you are not staring at his fully sensual lips, your eyes are locked on his. He hugs me every time I see him, and they are the most full-bodied hugs I've ever gotten. Like being cloaked in man, hehe. Anyhoots... this man is straight. He knows that I am gay, and an even number of the populous of his friends are as well. When asked "Brian, are you a bisexual?" I've been answered with "It depends on who I fall in love with." Though, he has mentioned the word "straight" more than twice. He is leaving for NYC in January, and I would give nearly anything to merely kiss those lips, let alone have him as my own for even a day. I am aware that, as humans, we all have a tiny sliver of bisexuality, especially him (as it seems). Now, I don't have much time here. How can I bring these buried testosterone-driven feelings that I know are just longing to be seduced into white-hot attraction? I have a feeling that my chances are more than slim. How can I seduce him without it being too obvious, or making him uncomfortable? After all, he is leaving soon, and I don't want to ENTIRELY occupy what little time we have together with trying to get him in to bed.

Dear Jeffie,

As you will see in my archives, I have given a lot of advice on the art of subtle seduction. It is a grand adventure to seduce a man's pants off and to coax his cock to explode. And let's face it--it's a real power rush to know that you have made a man melt in your hands. That's the real lure of sexual conquest. I have always contended that there is not a man on earth who would mind having his dick taken care of by a buddy under the right circumstances. Since the man you are attracted to has hinted about bi-sexual tendencies already, that makes your job all the easier.

Though I usually celebrate slow and subtle seduction, sometimes there's a deadline. In your case, you have only a few months to get this guy. You have two real options, both of which contain risks. The first option is to start making subtle hints that you want to fool around, hoping to warm him up over the last several weeks that he is in your area. The risk involved is that he could be put off early on and you won't get to enjoy his company for the rest of his stay. The second option is to wait until the last week before he leaves. Knowing that he's about to close a chapter in his life, he's more likely to try something out of the ordinary as a final hurrah. The risk here is that you have only one chance of getting him into bed.

Let's face it--a man knows when he is being seduced, even if he doesn't allow himself to think about it too hard. He knows what that gleam in the eye is all about, he smells those sex hormones, and he decodes that body language. If he freaks out at that point or simply doesn't want to cum, you'll know because he'll either punch you, confront you, or get out of the room. Otherwise, his cock will be bulging in his pants and he'll be all yours. A man definitely knows when he is being seduced, and the man you're interested in knew you were seducing him when you asked him if he was bisexual. You don't have time to play games. Plus, most men tend to like other men who are honest and say what's on their mind. Most men don't care for beating around the bush (ahem, you know what I mean). You'll gain this man's respect if you are up front about what you are feeling. I wouldn't bring romance into the conversation, but I would definitely let him know that he makes you horny. I suggest that you broach the subject by saying something along the lines of, "Listen, man, I don't want to freak you out or anything, but I have to tell you that you seem very masculine and exude a very potent sexuality. I know you're leaving soon, and I wanted to ask if you ever liked to get off with a buddy." The fact of the matter is that if he's not into you at all, anything you do or say that is even remotely sexual will make him uncomfortable. But if he is at least slightly attracted to you, then he'll probably be thrilled that you broke the ice.