Dear Bearded Confidant,

About a week ago I noticed that I was getting some chafing on the head of my penis during exercise.  (I know, this sounds like a likely story.  But it's true - I've been riding my lifecycle at low resistance for many hours each day to build up my endurance.  Even though I'm wearing lycra shorts to minimize chafing, there's still a bit of chafing after literally  hours of sweaty exercise.)  I decided to borrow a page from one of the "foreskin restoration" sites I've seen (but generally blown off as hawking overpriced products for a nonexistent need) and pulled some of the loose skin on the shaft over the base of the head and secured it with a bit of medical tape.

Everything was fine for an hour or so, then I felt a sharp pinching  on my penis.  I thought that the tape had somehow loosened and  was constricting my penis, but was shocked to find that the loose  skin had pulled forward and was formed a tight "o" above the  tip of my penis.  This, and the discomfort of my shaft being  pushed back into my body, was what I felt.  I gently pushed  a finger into the 'o' and extracted the head of my penis without  difficulty.

I didn't think of this again until that night - the sex was  incredible.  It seemed that the skin on the shaft was a bit looser  than usual, just enough to slide up and down the shaft a little,  and the results blew my mind.

Needless to say, I want to *safely* explore this a bit more.  Can skin growth similar to a foreskin be simulated by this?  Will the pressure along the shaft back into the body cause  damage?  I don't have a problem limiting this to a few hours  per day - the last thing I want is stretch marks on my penis!  But I don't want to pass up a simple way to increase pleasure  either.

P.S. I don't know where to put this into the question above, but  one of the first things I checked was whether an arousal would  "break the ring."  It does - this makes it clear that only a  limited amount of pressure will be put on the skin/directed along  the shaft back into the body.

Dear Ted The Turtle,

With a restored foreskin, you will notice both better sliding and increased erotic sensitivity during sex. The method you are trying sounds like a good, gentle way to stretch your foreskin. Each time you feel discomfort, or start to get an erection, make a quick adjustment to the tape and you are unlikely to do any damage. A few hours a day should be sufficient to get things started. Your approach has been good so far--stay aware of what's going on down there, remove the tape or make adjustments when discomfort arises, and skip a day or two if the foreskin becomes irritated by the tape.