Dear Bearded Confidant,

Please can you talk about two men docking their cocks. My boyfriend has a beautiful foreskin, while I am circumcised.  As he is the top, I am reserved about asking him to dock my cock, but I dream about it all the time. What should I do?

Dear Mike,

"I want you to wrap yourself around
me and pull me inside.  I want to sink
inside you so deeply I can't tell where
I end and you begin."
—Leigh Morgan, Sparring Partners

The wrapping of one man's foreskin around another man's cockhead is extraordinarily intimate.  Docking is more intimate than any other form of mansex.  Indeed, it's more profoundly intimate than deep kissing.  That's because docking joins two men together at the cock -- the pinnacle of their masculinity.  Oral and anal sex tend to involve a sense of give and take, of top and bottom, as dissimilar body parts interact.  But the act of docking is a coalescence.  It's not about giving or taking but rather embracing, surrounding, and fusing together where it matters most.  If you're feeling reserved about asking your boyfriend to dock your cock, you instinctively realize just how intimate the act will be.  The deepest part of you is wondering whether your relationship is ready yet for that level of intimacy.  And you're inner voice is right -- docking can make or break a relationship.  If and when you become so bold as to bring up docking with your boyfriend, wait until you're jerking off together in a scissor-style position, sitting up and facing one another with legs entwined.  Align your cocks tip to tip and enjoy long finger strokes across your combined lengths.  Allow his foreskin to gather naturally toward your cock as your fingers slide back toward you.  Though you could state aloud that you desire his foreskin around your cockhead, I suggest that docking is best performed silently.  It's an act of communion that goes beyond the limitations of language.  The act itself says more than any words possibly could.  Once his foreskin is hugging your cockhead, gently hold it in place as you both luxuriate in the feeling.  If you wish your first docking with your boyfriend to be more dramatic, work yourself very, very close to the point of no return before pulling his foreskin over your cockhead, so that you're spurting hot cream within his foreskin before he even realizes what's happening.  His own ejaculation probably won't be far behind.