Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have a rather embarrassing, shameful and rather depressing problem and I'm hoping you'll know how to help.

Over many years of masturbating as a circumcised man and having not really bothered with lube it's started to add up. I've been rather... enthusiastic about masturbating, sometimes not bothering to remove clothing before doing it and it resulted in some chafing. At first I thought it was scar tissue that had formed, so I tried moisturizing or neosporin to little real effect. A dermatologist told me it was Dermatitis and gave me a steroid cream for it, but there's still patches of skin that look 'thin' or reddened, and there's still mild itching.

After a couple months of using the cream on and off (no more than 5 days at a time) I switched to just moisturizer and all seemed fine except it still itches lightly and looks slightly off somehow. I started using the cream again out of worrying that it may never fully recover and I'm not sure how to take care of the skin.

How can I repair the skin without using steroid creams?

Dear ESP,

First of all, there's nothing at all shameful about being an enthusiastic masturbator.  A cock is like a piston in so many ways, including the fact that proper maintenance ensures long-term operation.

I have a recommendation for enjoying the orgasms you need for your sexual well-being while at the same time (to quote the hilarious comedy series "Strangers With Candy") "giving the damn thing a rest."  It sounds like the skin of your penis is traumatized from over-attention, so in addition to your dermatologist's treatment, regeneration will require time.  That means you need to focus on other erogenous zones while you masturbate.  I recommend a vibrating anal toy, because your prostate and cock will be stimulated from the inside instead of from the outside.  Practice letting the anal stimulation bring you close to shooting off, and if you must touch your cock to trigger an ejaculation, use only well-oiled fingertips (i.e., dripping with oil) to gently fondle only the very tip of your dick.  (In other words, don't grasp your cock and don't touch the shaft at all.)  Believe me, if you work yourself up to the point that you're desperate to cum, a gentle touch of your piss slit will be adequate to do the job. 

The use of lubricating oil is vital, even if you precum a lot, because it dramatically reduces the friction that traumatizes skin.  I recommend using a vegetable oil.  My personal favorite is coconut oil, but you might also consider wheat germ oil, as it's often praised as effective for skin membrane regeneration.  Someone at your local health food store should be able to recommend other oils especially good for skin health.