Dear Bearded Confidant,

My question is concerning chest hair.  I find smooth men extremely attractive and a lot more fun to fuck.  However, I myself am not hairless and am therefore less attractive to myself and other men as well.  I know that many men shave their chests, but I'm reluctant to do that because whenever I tried it, I can't shave well in certain dips around my sternum, etc.  and there is always stubble like when you shave your face.  Also, I'm afraid of the "it'll grow back longer and thicker" policy.  Electroloysis is not a financial option for me right now, so what can I do?  Is there a method to shaving your chest? Thanks.

Dear Hairy,

Body hair is stimulated by testosterone and therefore is a symbol of masculine virility, but some men prefer to feminize their appearance by making their skin smooth.  There's nothing wrong with wanting to appear boyish or even girlish, because every man has a boyish side and feminine traits.  As sex expert Camille Paglia has pointed out, "depilation has become highly fashionable in the gay male world, as shown by the many ads in the gay press for total body waxing and tweezing. Pinpoint shaving of the genital and anal areas has become a gay beauty profession unto itself. Not since Greek athletes scraped their oiled, sandy bodies with the strigil have men had such a fetish for girl-smooth skin. The current fad has come from competitive bodybuilding, where depilation clarifies the outline of well-cut muscles." 

If you seriously want to avoid having a masculine hairy chest, shaving is not the solution because, as you no doubt discovered, it's a constant battle, it's difficult to be thorough, it irritates the skin, and the rough stubble only draws more attention to the body hair.  The only viable solution turns out to be an affordable one but also a painful one: waxing.  You can wax your chest at home, by yourself.  After each waxing session, your chest will be completely, incredibly smooth because the hairs will have been removed from the root.  When the hair on your chest starts to grow back, the new follicles will be thin and fine.  Unfortunately, the first several waxing sessions will be quite painful, especially around the nipple areas, but if you have enough testosterone to make a hairy chest in the first place then you're certainly macho enough to handle it.