Dear Bearded Confidant,

Since your advice is always the best I thought I'd come to you with my situation.  I'll try to keep it simple.  I met this guy... we went out a few times, were "together" twice and hit it off really well.  There was no doubt that both of us felt the sparks (in and out of bed) and saw the potential of a great relationship. Unfortunately, neither of us live alone.... and I live about an hour from him, so we accepted the fact that anything developing would be pretty much impossible.  Well, he's dating someone now, it's been about a month and a half since I've seen him, but I know that we were meant for one another and I know he felt the same way but was just frustrated (like i was) about each other's circumstances.  Thankfully, I will be getting my own place very soon which is closer too (it just worked out it was closer I didn't plan it that way I swear).  I haven't told him that I'm moving yet.

My question to you is, what can/should I do?  I'm not the type to go after people who are attached, but in this case, I just feel like if I don't try, I'm letting something awesome slip through my fingers. And from what he has said about this guy, it doesn't sound too strong.  I need your opinion.  Do I wait it out and wait (and hope) for things to go bad with his boyfriend, or do I jump in for the kill now and do something to prove to him that we'd be better off together?

Dear Infatuated,

I would stay cool if I were you. If his current relationship isn't strong or is falling apart, it's better for it to play itself out without you getting in the middle of things. Stand in the sidelines for now and wait for the man to be unencumbered again. He'll end up respecting you for that in the end. It will show him that you respect relationships as long as they last. I'm not suggesting that you hide in the shadows. By all means let the man know that you are now close by and that you are there for him as a friend. But play it cool in the romance department, and don't say or do anything to sink his current relationship any faster than it is already going down. Knowing that the potential is there for the two of you can make it tempting to rush things. But keeping your cool for now is likely to make you a winner in the long term.