Dear Bearded Confidant,

The most exciting erotic experience I ever had involved my internet pal Sam.  We planned ahead and each of us masturbated 3 or 4 times into a thin & flexible plastic sandwich bag.  Then we stored our cum in the freezer for several days.  We both have boyfriends and took care to keep this experiment private.  When we saw that our loads were frozen solid, we logged on and each took the "frozen treat" into our mouth, describing to the other our experience as it occurred.  We eack jacked off as we allowed he treat to melt in our mouths, careful not to swallow until we reached the point of orgasm when we both came and swallowed simultaneously.  The experience was incredibly hot and the flavor of my melted cum was mild & very nice.  I will never forget that day.  We have referred to it several times since and each had a terrific experience that day.  A couple might do the same, in person, to enjoy the thrill of telling what you feel as you do it.

Dear Tom,

Just as connoisseurs of fermented grape juice have wine cellars, connoisseurs of frothy man juice have freezers-full of cum loads. The beauty of frozen sperm is that you can enjoy an oral orgasm at whim. Even though semen is typically likened to "hot" things like molten lava and steamy geysers, our liquid passion tends to cool down just as quickly as a man who has just spent himself dry. In other words, when you wipe up the mess you've shot all over yourself, the stuff tends to feel cool, not warm. Once the heat of passion has dissipated, jizz is ready to chill, and so it freezes well.

Guys into frozen cum might enjoy some of the chilly sperm terms we've gathered from erotic literature:

ice cream - soft serve on a hard stick. "I swallowed his ice cream whole as we began kissing again." —Reginald Hall, In Love with a Thug

frigid juices - like the drippings of an icicle. "Lawrence stared into its stone-cold eyes as Fab made the frigid juices burst from his cock." —Michael Rowe, Sons of Darkness

cold kerosene - a liquid fuel that can set something on fire. "The cock inside him spurted a cold acrid kerosene odor that permeated the room." —Gary Indiana, Gone Tomorrow