Dear Bearded Confidant,

I did the strangest or dumbest thing about three months ago. While surfing  the net i found a site about Silicone injections for male genitals and was  cumpulsively drawn to the idea, until I caved in and went and got it done.  (Mercy things grew!)  No one knows about it and I've never talked to  anyone about what I did. I think my question is, what have I done, should I  tell a doctor, is there a way to take it out, or should I just quit worrying  about it and enjoy the results?

Dear Bigger but Worried,

It is always a tricky thing to fool around with one's penis, because if something goes wrong then it can lead to life-long sexual dysfunction.  To my understanding, no silicone injections are 100% safe.  I would definitely talk to a doctor about what you did, especially if a doctor didn't perform the procedure in the first place.  There may be no cause for alarm in your case, but it is better to be safe than sorry.