Dear Bearded Confidant,

After having read your informative responses to others' queries, I'm hoping you may be able to help me.  Being an uncut guy, I find that the head of my dick is extremely sensitive.  I really like to pull back my foreskin, but when my exposed head rubs against anything it's quite uncomfortable.  This is especially annoying, since I want to be close to my partner and rub my manhood against his, but when I do I have the immediate urge to pull away.  Is there any way of making the head less sensitive, or of building up a tolerance to the sensitivity?  Your advice would be gratefully received.  Many thanks.

Dear Sensitive,

The super sensitivity you describe is something that most circumcised men have never experienced because their cock heads are so numb after a lifetime of no protection.  More sensitivity is generally better in terms of the penis, but if you are experiencing discomfort then of course you need to find relief.  You most definitely can desensitize your cock, but it will require manual stimulation of the exposed head over a period of time.  You need to practice rubbing your cock with the foreskin pulled back.  Squeeze and rub to the extent that you can stand the stimulation, and use lubricant.  Over time, you will build up a tolerance to the stimulation and will be less sensitive.  Ancient Chinese methods prescribe rubbing hard grains of rice across the cock and wearing burlap instead of underwear, but such methods are extremely painful ways of desensitization.  The friction from your own fingers will be sufficient, but it will certainly take some time.  To speed things along, use every opportunity possible to rub your cock.  For example, do it while watching television or working at the computer.  Even if you are not hard (you don't have to be formally masturbating to do this) you will still be helping to reduce your sensitivity.