Dear Bearded Confidant,

I would like to be fucked by my new lover, but I hesitate to do it because it's very painful. Do you have a solution?

Dear Bruno,

Anal sex should be something to look forward to, since the anus has more pleasure sensors than even the penis.  And when fingers, cocks, or sex toys are stroked in and out of your ass, you'll have incredible pleasure as your prostate gland gets stimulated.  Relaxing, taking it slowly, and using plenty of lubrication are the keys to great anal sex.  Tension makes your internal sphincter close up, and that's the source of any pain you've experienced in the past.  Have your partner help you to relax by slowly applying a water-soluble lube to your ass.  He'll put a dollop of lube on a finger and gently insert it a fraction of an inch at a time.  With each insertion, and with each dollop of lube, your ass will relax.  The more lube, the better.  Once your internal sphincter opens up, you can get the lube deep inside you.  Then you'll be ready to fuck like bandits.