Dear Bearded Confidant,

It seems like some guys don't leak much precum at all and others  overflow with the stuff from the moment they get hard. I am  definitely in the former group, I almost never leak any precum no  matter how long I jerk off or how horny I am.  As far as I'm concerned precum is hot! Not only does it taste great  but it makes a guy's cock all slippery and fun to play with. Is there  anyway I can get my cock to start putting out precum? 

Dear Dry as Dust,

Precum production definitely varies from man to man.  When many men cum, the first shot of semen is clear and watery and the remaining shots are thicker and creamier.  That's because they are sending out most of their precum during orgasm.  Though precum is nice and slippery and fun to play with, its real function is to clean out the shaft of the penis so that the sperm come out clean and healthy.  For men who aren't having sex for reproduction, there is little need for precum other than as a natural lube.  My best advice for getting more precum out of your cock is to stay very hydrated before and during sex play and to prolong sex play as much as possible.  The more times you get very close to orgasm and then hold back, the more likely you are to see some glistening droplets form on your piss slit.