Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have been with my partner for almost a year now.  We are very close and do everything together.  I have never felt more at ease with anyone else in my life.  I am constantly in a state of wanting to better myself in whatever areas seem to be problems.  For instance, he loves giving head, but I can't bring myself to do it to him.  At one time I had a taste for it, but now I can't seem to even get past the precum.  I want to satisfy him, as he's way too good for me, but I feel I'm being too much of a wimp lately to do that.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Dear Fox,

My take on your situation is that every relationship, whether within a family or a business or love partnership, requires some element of sacrifice.  We must occasionally do things that we find distasteful in order to preserve and maintain the relationship.  Sometimes we have to look out for the other person instead of only fulfilling our own needs.  You know firsthand how good it feels to get your cock sucked.  You can imagine how much pleasure your man feels when he gets his cock sucked.  Taking your man's cock and cum in your mouth is a way of showing that you desire his very essence and that he nourishes you.  But even the sensual pleasure he will receive from a blowjob is reason enough to make the sacrifice and suck him off occasionally.  Do it out of love for him, even if you personally don't enjoy it so much.  If, however, sucking cock actually makes you sick and nauseous, then I recommend that you consult with a psychologist.