Dear Bearded Confidant,

My lover has become something of a wuss lately.  Do you have any tips on reawakening that butch stud I know is in there?

Dear Manhandler,

Masculine energy is by nature restless, hungry, spontaneous, and explosive. Within every man is a burning desire to share his masculine heat with others. If your lover isn't blazing with that manly energy, you merely need to rekindle his natural fire.

The best way to get your man's heart beating faster is to re-masculate him. There are several subtle ways you can show your appreciation for your lover's manly qualities as you kiss, fondle, stroke, lick, suck, and fuck. These techniques will empower his masculine energy and fan the flame of your sex life at the same time.


Before undressing your lover, work your hands under his shirt and lightly touch his chest and abs with your fingertips. Explore his masculine contours and textures with your hands. If hair surrounds his nipples, swirl your fingers around it. If a line of fur runs down his torso, follow it slowly with a fingertip. If there's a patch of thicker hair at his sternum, run your fingers through it.

Even if he is relatively smooth, every man's chest is covered with tiny hair follicles. Send him shivers of pleasure by moving your fingertips across those follicles, just a millimeter above the skin. If his chest is shaved, then slowly trace the smooth shapes of his muscles. As you handle him, show him with your eyes how good his torso feels.

When you remove his shirt, demonstrate the feelings that touching his chest aroused in you. Nuzzle your face in his chest as you continue to stroke it with your fingers. Deeply inhale the manly scent of his chest, and take a nice wet taste with your tongue. Show him with your lips and tongue that you savor his chest. Nibble, kiss, and suck your way across it. Trace your tongue along his contours with long, slow licks. If you find a fuzzy area, lightly blow on the hairs, then lick them like one tomcat cleaning another. Show him that you are hungry for his masculinity.

Before you work your way down to that obvious swelling between his legs, whisper some sweet somethings in your man's ear. You might say 'Feeling your manly chest really turns me on,' or 'I love the taste of your hot sweat.' Pull him closer, guiding his arms around you, and tell him 'It feels so good to be in your strong arms.'

Slide down to your knees and nestle your face in his crotch. Feel the shape of his dick through his pants. If there's a line of fur going down from his belly button, tease it with your tongue and ask him where it leads.

Now it's time to strip off those pants. Unwrap the present slowly, as if you're savoring the surprise. Then admire his exposed cock and balls for some moments, wide-eyed. Act as if you need time to take in the totality of it all.


Once he has a raging hard-on, start jerking him off. Though size doesn't necessarily matter, be sure to tell him how nice and hard he feels in your hand. If you pull down on his balls, more of his shaft will be revealed and you'll be able to make longer strokes down the front of it. Pay special attention to the place where the head of the cock meets the shaft, just under the slit. For variety, stroke with one hand and run your fingers through his pubic hair or across his chest with the other.

Also remember that the shaft of a man's cock continues down past the balls toward the anus. You'll feel the unmistakable hardness if you press between his scrotum and anus. Try rubbing that hidden base of his cock to really turn him on. You'll be stimulating his prostate at the same time.

Be up front about what you are after: his manly essence, his liquid masculinity. Tell him that you want his cum, but use masculine words to describe it -- 'man-milk,' 'man-cream,' 'man-juice,' 'man-jizz.' Describe how much you want to see him shoot his hot sticky load. Tell him you want to feel that thick spunk spray across your skin. Show him how much you long for his orgasm, but at the same time make it clear that you also enjoy every minute along the way.


Before you put his cock in your mouth, rub your nose between his legs. Sniff his musk like an animal in heat. If necessary, pull his balls to one side to get a good, deep whiff of his masculine scent. If possible, have your man lie on his back, then crawl on top of him as you explore between his legs. That way your balls will be dangling in front of his face and he'll get a good whiff of your musk as well. Sex experts say that this form of masculine aroma therapy--due to the acrid hormones excreted in male urine and sweat--boosts a man's testosterone levels.

While you suck on your man's dick, use one hand to playfully finger and probe his ass. Remember always to demonstrate that you are turned on by the total masculine package -- cock and chest and balls and legs and so on.

The best lover is constantly aware of his partner's state of arousal. If you cradle your man's balls in the palm of a hand while you suck, you'll feel when they start to draw up. This is an early indicator that he is entering a stage of high excitation and is getting ready to ejaculate. Cradling his balls will also give him pleasure and a sense of being cherished.

As your man approaches the point of no return, try to take his cock as far down your throat as you can. Keep in mind that every man has a hard-wired instinct to plant his seed deeply. The deeper he can thrust his cock, the more he will feel he is fulfilling his masculine impulse and the more satisfied he will be. Even if you can't quite take him all the way down your throat, make a point of telling him how good it feels to swallow his cock.

If your man is giving you head, don't merely hold him by the ears as he licks and sucks between your legs. Remind him that you like a man servicing you by lightly stroking his beard or stubbly chin and cheeks as he eats you.


When you suck and tongue-fuck your man's ass, let him know how good he tastes. He has millions of sensitive nerves around and inside his pucker, so try to hit them all. Pull his buttocks apart and press in your face to show him how deeply you want to penetrate that hole. Get him nice and wet so he'll feel how much you drool over him.

All the while, run your hands up and down his thighs, feeling his manly textures and contours. Reach up to fondle his balls or stroke his cock. His genitals are likely to be much more sensitive due to the anal stimulation. As always, show him that you're interested in the entirety of his masculinity.


As you fuck your man, try to make love to his whole body, not just his genitals. If you take him from behind, don't just grab him by the hair, but feel the taut muscles of his strong shoulders and arms. If you're face-to-face, be sure to show your appreciation for those fuzzy legs wrapped around you and try your best to massage his chest or suck on his scratchy chin, if you can. Tell him how warm his body feels, how hard or tight he is, and how good it feels to be one with him.

Masculine nature is often thought to be aggressive and dominant. However, when it comes to lovemaking, men are able to both give and receive. So penetrating your man can be very fulfilling to him on a spiritual level. In traditional Eastern science, the anus is said to be an energy center for stability in life, while the genitals are symbolic of seeking union with another person and for nourishing loving relationships. When the genitals unite with the anus, therefore, they symbolically merge purity and nourishment into the stability of the relationship.


As your man fucks you, reach for his face to feel his beard or scratchy stubble. Extend your tongue to try to suck on his nipples. Even if you can't reach that far, you'll be showing him that you want to worship his body. Don't forget to tell him how he fills you up, how red-hot his cock feels, how powerful his thrusts are, how intoxicating he smells, and how exciting it is to be fucked by such a sexy man animal.

Encourage your man to penetrate you as deeply as you can possibly take it. As we noted earlier, every man has a hard-wired instinct to plant his seed deeply. Even if you can't take his entire length, be sure to tell him that his cock feels very deep inside you.

Always keep in mind that part of masculine nature is to be proactive and assertive. Give in to what he has to give. By placing yourself on the receiving end of your man's active sexual impulses, you automatically masculinize him because you help him to fulfill his nature.


As your lover lies in post-orgasmic bliss, exhausted from releasing all that pent-up masculine energy, show him that you admire his manliness, such as by stroking the hair on his arms. Tell your lover how you enjoy being with a man, such as by saying 'I love watching you shoot all that hot man-cum on your strong chest.' It all boils down to show and tell.

Your man's orgasm will have generated in his body some powerful chemical sedatives. Therefore, you should expect and even encourage him to drift into blissful sleep after he comes. Snuggle next to him and cradle his spent cock and balls in your hand as he falls asleep. Allow him to rest secure in the knowledge that he has satisfied you with his manly energy.