Dear Bearded Confidant,

My lover keeps hinting strongly that he'd like to experiment with watersports.  The whole thing is new to me.  What's a way that I can gradually find out if I'm into it without going too far too fast and regretting the whole thing?

Dear Leakless,

The best time to start out is the next time you and your man are in the bathroom together, perhaps getting ready for work.  When your man goes over to the toilet to take a piss, go over and casually hold his dick for him.  (Be careful, as you might point it the wrong way or squeeze it too tightly and make a splatter!)  It'll be an interesting and erotic sensation for both of you, and mildly kinky enough to show that you acknowledge your lover's desires.  After you shake the last drops off your man's dick, you might consider kneeling down and gently licking the slit.  Again, you'll be showing that you want to please him, and you'll be getting a very tiny taste of what urine is like.  If your man is taking a piss after having sex, there's a good chance that the urine will push out some spunk that was left in his shaft, and frequently a drop of that spunk will hang heavily on the tip of his cock.  You might also consider tasting this mixture of piss and cum (technically called spermaturia).  It will taste mostly like pre-cum, but with a saltier edge.  If you and your man shower together, hold off taking a piss until you're in the shower and casually mark each other's legs while you lather up.  This is a clean way to find out if you enjoy feeling something hot and wet shoot out of your man's dick and onto your skin, and whether or not you enjoy doing it back.  If pissing on each other's legs feels o.k., try working up a hard-on and pointing for his chest.  Or try pointing your two dicks at each other and making the spray collide.  A lot of kinker guys enjoy watersports involving the face and mouth because there are so many nerves in these areas that the sensations are stronger.  Some even enjoy having a man fuck their ass and then piss inside of them.  These kinker activities fall outside the realm of safe sex, however.