Dear Bearded Confidant,

When I jack off, soon after the orgasm the penis retracts from being erect. As a virgin, I'm curious as to if this means I won't be able to keep it up for very long during sex with a partner after the first orgasm? Or will it be long lasting?  Also, is it suggested to shave the hair off my ass cheeks?

Dear Keepinitup,

For a man to shoot his fuckload, he has to work every aspect of his masculinity.  His hormones go into overdrive, the tissues in his cock get extra-swollen with blood, his testicles and prostate hurridly churn up more and more sperm, his heart races, his muscles flex, and his mind reels.  It's little wonder that after a man pumps his jizz, his body wants to crash.  If your cock gets soft immediately after you cum, it just means that your body needs to rest for a bit after all that manly exertion.  Don't get uptight about it.  If you want to enjoy prolonged sexplay, use your natural rest period to spend some time worshipping your partner's body.  You can enjoy exploring his body with your hands and mouth, and your cock will get hard again as soon as it's ready.  If your partner wants to continue giving you pleasure after you cum, allow him to play with your soft cock or direct him to stimulate another part of your body, like your asshole or chest or face.  The key is to go with the flow and not get nervous about your hardon.  Getting stressed out could only make matters worse and could prevent another erection altogether.  If your partner ever says anything about your flacidity, like "What's the matter?  Aren't you turned on anymore?" then you can answer "After that powerful orgasm you just gave me, my dick is going to need some time to recover!" or "My cock always gets soft after I cum, so let's cuddle a bit and let it charge up for round two!"  No two guys' dicks work in exactly the same way, so enjoy the way yours works because it's perfect for you.

As for shaving your ass, keep in mind that shaving leads to itchy stubble and the possibility of ingrown hairs.  If you seriously want a smoother ass, you should pursue permanent hair removal.  Ask your dermatologist about your options.  And don't be embarrassed — you'll be far from the first to ask such a question.