Dear Bearded Confidant,

Though my brother and I have never had sex, I drink his piss regularly.  He has been pissing in my mouth since we were kids (when he told me I could have all the lemonade I wanted).  Today, he asks me if I'm thirsty, which is his codeword for needing to take a piss, and I always say yes.  I'm wondering if there's such a thing as "piss incest" and whether brothers sharing piss is shameful.  My brother has never cum in my mouth, but he sometimes gets hard while he's pissing and sometimes I fantasize about him fucking my mouth after I guzzle his piss. 

Dear Rod,

Firm statistics are hard to come by, but a great many brothers enjoy pissing together just as they enjoy beating off together.  Did you know that the word "incest" comes from a Latin word meaning "not chaste," which in turn means "having a sexual nature"?  So "incest" literally refers to any erotic activity, whether within a family, spanning a circle of friends, or among strangers.  There's an old Egyptian saying that "Nothing is shameful for men," and that certainly includes piss sharing between brothers.