Dear Bearded Confidant,

For as long as I can remember I've enjoyed being spanked. I'm not into pain but I enjoy playing the role of the naughty boy who needs a bare bottom spanking across his dad's lap. I even like wearing diapers to further humiliate me for not behaving. I would love to have my daddy change my diapers then spank me for not telling him I needed to go potty. I would also like him to take my temperature rectally using his cock as a thermometer. This might sound a little strange but I enjoy them and I know I can't be alone with these desires. My question to you is how would you suggest I bring this up to him without scaring him off? I really like him and we have a good time together so I don't want to screw it up by rushing things.

Dear Bob,

Even though your fantasies are not uncommon, you are correct that they might scare off your partner.  Here's a suggestion.  Type out a list of ten fetish fantasies or sex play scenarios, with lots of variety.  All of them should be things that you wouldn't mind trying out yourself, and try to include as many as possible that your lover might be into.  One of fetishes will be "Naughty boy wets his diaper and gets a spanking from Daddy."  Print out the list, cut the paper so that each fantasy is on a separate slip, then fold the slips and put them into a jar.  Tell your lover that you found a kinky party game on a website and printed it out. Tell him that he's supposed to draw a slip out of the jar, and that you have to participate in whatever scenario comes up.  Be a good sport throughout, and your man just might go along with the diaper scene when it comes up.  With this technique, you can present the diaper fetish in an objective way, and if your partner doesn't go for it then no harm done.