Dear Bearded Confidant,

I'm a little frustrated because my current partner is able to successfully blow me while I have failed at every attempt to reciprocate.  I suspect the root of the problem is that he is uncut while I am cut.  Although I have no problem sucking on his tool and getting him aroused, I never get the motherlode I'm burrowing for.  He finally takes matters into his hands (literally) and finishes himself off.  I've noticed that his technique (sort of a double-jerk by rotating his wrist and then a brief pause) is very different from mine (standard up and down motion).  I tried holding his hand while he serviced himself, but I still didn't get the feel for it.  I also attempted stroking his cock while I sucked and only ended up scrambling his eggs.  Any tips so I can give him the same pleasure he gives me?

Dear Beleaguered,

The good news is that this situation isn't your fault, and it probably has nothing to do with your cocks being cut or uncut.  Even though at this point both of you are probably suffering from performance anxiety, the fact of the matter is that your man has to learn to relax into the unique form of stimulation that you give him.  Even though a blow job may involve some hand stimulation, oral sex is not the same as jerking off. So it doesn't matter what sort of hand motion your man is used to when he masturbates, because the sensations will always be different during oral sex.  He can always just jerk off into your mouth, but that isn't a blow job.  My suggestion is for the two of you to spend a while getting warmed up before you go down on him.  Allow your man to stroke his own cock while you stimulate other parts of his body.  He should bring himself almost to the point of shooting off, then slow down.  Let him come close to cumming at least three times before you start sucking.  That way his cock will be in a state of high arousal when you start working on it with your tongue, and he's likely to cum more quickly because his balls will need to discharge that load of burning jism. You can also enjoy sucking on his cock for a while, then switch places and allow him to suck on you (which will get him even more turned on), then switch again.  Remember that the speed of his orgasm should never be an issue, nor where he sprays his load.  There's nothing wrong with sucking him for a while, then having him stroke himself, then doing something else, because the point is to have fun and feel pleasure and be relaxed and comfortable with each other.  It's even possible for two men to fool around for hours and finally collapse in blissful exhaustion without ever shooting off. If your stud really wants to get off quickly then he should always take his cock into his own hands.  Otherwise, just enjoy one another's body and let things happen as they go.