Dear Bearded Confidant,

I need some advice regarding a problem I have. My cock is very large... actually about double the length and thickness of most of the other guy's cocks I've seen at the gym and in movies.  Others may not think this is a problem but it truly is.  Almost always, the guy or girl giving me head basically gags and chokes before any "satisfaction" can be obtained.  Forget anal sex....  I'm attracted to guys who are masculine, often "closeted" and usually married. When these guys take a gander at my cock poking around their hole they "pucker up" in fear.  No amount of lube seems to help with this reaction and we usually just end up jerking off and remarking, again, on how huge my cock is!  Any herbs or medications you know of that would help shrink a dink?

Dear Donkey Dong,

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To sport a monster dick is the dream of so many men, but you're right that size comes with its own disadvantages.  However, I have good news for you.  First of all, you don't want to pursue herbal or medicinal solutions to shrink your dick, because anything that restricts blood flow to the penis will ultimately lead to erectile dysfunction.  There are two things you need to do, one easy and one more time-consuming. 

Let's start with the harder one.  It's time to find some new friends.  If the folks you've paired up with couldn't deal with your dick, they're the ones with the problem, not you.  You need to get with lovers who can properly handle and fully satisfy men with ample endowments.  Believe me, there are guys out there with mouths big enough and jaws flexible enough to swallow a huge cock.  Regarding anal sex, there's literally no dick too big to fuck an ass.  Keep in mind that there are guys out there who can take a fist and an entire forearm up their asses.  So, you haven't met the right lovers yet.  But they're out there.

The easier solution involves hypnotherapy.  Hypnosis is used by women to increase breast size and by men to enlarge their cocks, and it can help to shrink your endowment as well.  Check out the licensed hypnotherapists in your area.

Ultimately, you want to avoid having a bad body image create self-fulfilling prophecies.  There are guys out there with massive dicks who have wholly satisfying sex lives.  What's their secret?  Attitude is most certainly paramount.  They consider their massive package a gift to humanity, and their lovers gladly accept that gift.  These successful guys are also sensitive lovers, meaning that they work closely and carefully with their partners to make sure that the suck and fucking goes smoothly.  These guys educate themselves about how to keep someone's jaw muscles and anal sphincter relaxed.  In other words, they coach their partners along the way.

Your giant cock is a blessing.  You should be admired and revered, not feared.  Keep looking, because the right guys are out there.

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