Dear Bearded Confidant,

I've heard it said that a man's sexuality is written all over his face.  Is it truly possible to determine a guy's bedroom manner by studying his facial features?

Dear Strong Jaw,

Are you wondering if, for example, a man's upper lip can reveal whether or not he likes to be tied up and whipped? Or can a man's nose show a wild urge to be loved in every way imaginable? Yes! The Asian science of face reading teaches how to determine a man's personality traits according to his distinguishing physical features. Several characteristics of the eyes, eyebrows, lips, teeth, nose, ears, and so on can reveal what kind of lover a man is. Following are several examples, loosely adapted from the book Face Reading: Keys to Instant Character Analysis.


  • Small thin lines running under the lower eyelid
    constantly ready for arousal, voracious sexual appetite (usually for members of the same sex), enjoys frequent masturbation, not restricted by sexual taboos (any time, place, practice, combination)
  • Large eyes
    he tends to be aroused quickly, imagines unusual erotic games but might need a little push to act them out
  • Small eyes
    he tends to be jealous in relationships
  • Downward-slanting eyes
    he is a devoted lover, happily lets his partner dominate him
  • Protruding eyes
    he has a very marked sexual appetite, will try anything to satisfy it, usually an egotistical lover
  • Mixed eye color (grey-green, grey-blue)
    patient lover who takes care of his partner's wishes
  • Pale eyes
    needs the stimulus of something new in order to reach orgasm
  • Dark eyes
    he enjoys intense and varied sex, once drawn out of his reserve there's no stopping him


  • Eyebrows that grow together
    pain is his greatest pleasure, enjoys suffering
  • Eyebrows evenly curved in the shape of a new moon
    he has a high sexual tension, obsessed with sex in his youth (especially if the eyebrows are very dark)
  • Large space between the eyebrows
    inhibited and shies away from sex
  • Close-set eyebrows
    jealous in relationships
  • Thick eyebrows
    passionate lover but rarely has a permanent relationship
  • Very thick eyebrows
    he continually searches for new erotic experiences, runs away at the slightest disappointment
  • Thin eyebrows
    may have trouble being enthusiastic about sex
  • Downward-sloping eyebrows
    inhibited lover, needs dominant active partner


  • Dark lips
    he has extravagant sexual needs, knows exactly what he wants in bed, isn't too shy to take the initiative, may amaze his partner with his uninhibited passion
  • Long, thick upper lip
    dominated by his own urges, may neglect the wishes of his partner
  • Large mouth
    his partner's arousal is as important as his own, imaginative lover, knows how to give as well as take, takes his time reaching an orgasm, very potent lover
  • Small mouth
    he is a controlling but interesting lover who knows how to celebrate sex as an art, always has a quick orgasm, inventive erotic imagination
  • Very fleshy upper lip
    he has a high sexual tension, ready to put unconventional fantasies into practice (makes no difference whether it happens in the elevator or the bed)
  • Fleshy upper lip which is broad to the corners of the mouth
    incredibly inventive lover, likely to combine pain and pleasure, may like to be dominated and abused
  • Lower lip thicker than upper lip
    very sensual lover, searches compulsively for love and eroticism, may have a long and varied list of affairs
  • Full pouty lips
    he may be shy of foreplay, once he overcomes his initial inhibitions he prefers threesomes.
  • Pursed lips
    he is difficult to satisfy in bed
  • Corners of the mouth turned down
    prefers changing partners over a real relationship


  • Large front incisors
    he is very sensual
  • Uneven teeth
    he has a compulsive sexual need


  • Fine, thin wrinkles or lines below the base of the nose, running parallel with the mouth
    he hardly thinks of anything else but sex, wild urge to be loved in every way imaginable
  • Roman nose
    he needs a challenge, if his thirst for sexual conquest is satisfied too quickly then his lust for a particular person may fade
  • Turned-up nose
    he isn't consumed with passion when in love, but once he is sure of his partner he can develop eroticism through sensuality
  • Snub nose
    prefers romantic sex in traditional positions, rarely tries erotic experiments


  • Large, fleshy, bulging earlobes
    vivid erotic imagination, perfect lover
  • Small earlobes
    his blocked feelings may spoil his enjoyment of sex
  • Ears that lie flat to the head
    conventional love life, not willing to experiment
  • Pointed ears
    his seductive sexual manner leaves hardly a desire unfulfilled


  • Bony high cheeks
    erotically attractive, often has several relationships (one after the other)
  • Bald head
    he has great sexual potency
  • Cleft chin
    he falls deeply in love, enjoys sex, but is not a faithful partner due to his restless nature
  • Very hairy chest
    he has great sexual potency
  • Mole on the mouth
    sensuality and strong sexual desire
  • M-shaped hairline and large mouth
    he has great sexual potency