Dear Bearded Confidant,

Your website is great! It has everything I need to be masculine. I have fetishes in used underwear & socks. How do I go about trading my used gears with others?

Dear Asianjock,

A whiff of manscent from a cumstained jock is enough to send many guys' cocks past the point of no return.  Even if the cum is dry when you get the underwear, try wearing it for a sweaty workout and it will freshen up as good as new.  Hundreds and hundreds of horny men are trading and selling their used jocks, briefs, and socks via the Internet.  Cruising the search engines will bring up dozens of websites, but be sure to include the search term "trade" if you don't want to buy the used underwear, and be sure to specify "jock" or "briefs" in the search if you are partial to one or the other.  The best resources are forums where lots of men describe what kinds of used underwear they have and what kinds they are looking for.