Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have a mildly hairy chest with light colored hair.  I'd really like to have more chest hair but everything I find is more focused on how to REMOVE chest hair than how to grow MORE!  Could I use rogaine on my chest or is there a better way to bearhood?

Dear Cubscout,

There are several ways bring out your chest fur, and some of the techniques can be combined for even faster results.  Since you mentioned that your chest hair is light in color, start by buying some color enhancing shampoo and wash your chest with it in the shower.  This sort of shampoo contains natural pigments which will darken and thicken the hair on your chest.  Rogaine and other medicated lotions have been proven effective for growing more chest hair, so definitely ask your doctor about that.  Ultimately, a man's hair growth is determined by his genetic makeup, so if the men in your family tend to be smooth, you may want to consider hair transplants.  Do a Web search for "body hair transplants" and you'll see some amazing before-and-after photos of men who have had upwards of 3,000 hair follicles added to their chests.  Good luck with your bearhood, and be prepared to share your manly chest with people who enjoy feeling, stroking, licking, and sucking that sexy fur.