Dear Bearded Confidant,

Well, I've just read your fantastic page(s) and found it really, really interesting!  I'm so glad there's such a thing for gay guys.

My question is about growing a fuller, bushier moustache.  Apart from perhaps the same idea as for chest hair, are there any other ways in which this can be done?

I have seen some whopping great bushy 'taches in my time (I'm 32 and have had my own medium-sized 'tache in the past) and wonder what it is with them or what their technique is for growing it so large.  Yes, I've been told it's to do with genetics, heredity, adrenal glands, testosterone, amount of hair follicles, etc. but what else can be done?  I have used in the past moustache wax but it looks so obvious and I have been unable to buy clear moustache wax.  There's a potential embarassment factor in that if I were to go swimming or to snog a guy with the wax still on it would be noticeable/rub off!

I would balk at the idea of testosterone injections due to the understanding that if I were to do such a thing, my own natural level of production would cease.

Another interesting point is that in old b&w Victorian pictures I have seen in museums or wherever, practically every other guy in these pictures is sporting a huge 'tache - how come so many guys were able to do so?  Was it anything to do with wearing loose fitting underwear?  What???

I live in Edinburgh, Scotland and would be willing to revisit this site again on the offchance you have printed my question, even in part, on your page, failing a personal e-mail reply.

Dear Gaius,

Men in times past did indeed have thicker, fuller mustaches which boldly advertised their masculine virility. Today, more and more men are finding that instead of a thick, bushy mustache, they are only able to grow a sparse, scraggly, soft, silky, or fluffy mustache. The problem is likely due to rising levels of what is known as environmental estrogen, first identified by researchers in London and Copenhagen. This environmental estrogen is passed from pregnant mothers to their sons. The mothers ingest the hormones through the water supply, oral contraceptives, dairy products, and harmful environmental compounds like dioxins and PCBs. The mother's body fat then retains these contaminants and converts some steroids to estrogen. These high levels of environmental estrogen have lowered the average man's sperm count by half in the last 50 years. Other secondary masculine characteristics, such as facial and body hair, are also affected. Even though the problem you describe is hormonal, there are a few things you can do to help your situation.

Seek out a massage therapist who has expertise in energy flow. He will know how to active the vital channels that carry masculine energy through your body. You must be forthcoming with the therapist and explain that you want to unleash your full masculine energy. The therapy may or may not involve direct manipulation of the male organs, but in any case it will be highly sensual and stimulating. You will benefit from increased blood flow and hormonal flow to your face, which will encourage hair growth.

You can directly stimulate hair growth at home with a proven herbal oil formula developed in India. Find an Indian grocery and ask for hair oil (a popular brand is called "Brahmi Oil"). This is a very common skin-care item and shouldn't be hard to find. Brahmi Oil is a deep green oil containing botanical essences and various vegetable oils (including coconut). This formula is usually solid and must be warmed in a sink full of hot water before it can be applied. Massage this oil onto your upper lip every night before bed. It can also be used in the day, but will obviously give your mustache an oiled appearance. This formula will help your hair grow thicker, fuller, and longer. You might also consider using a hair-thickening shampoo and conditioner. While such products only work on a superficial level, they will improve the appearance of your mustache.