Dear Bearded Confidant,

This guy who I have been fucking wants to piss all over me before I fuck him up his tight ass.  He says the hot piss gets his cock hard.  Is this normal?

Dear Hot and Wet,

With the large percentage of men who enjoy pissing on each other, in each other's mouths, and up each other's asses, watersports can hardly be considered abnormal.  There are three questions you need to ask yourself:

Does getting pissed on turn you on and make you want to fuck your man even more?  Does getting pissed on turn you off sex totally?  Do you want to satisfy your man's kinky desires, even if they don't turn you on?

If piss doesn't turn you on or in fact turns you off, you might want to reconsider having a sexual relationship with this man, since piss is obviously a fetish for him because it gets his cock hard.  If you don't really care one way or another about piss, then you should let your man spray you so that he'll enjoy getting fucked even more.  Because sex involves give and take, perhaps your man enjoys pissing on you first because it gives him a feeling of dominance before he gives his ass over to you to be pounded.  You need to decide whether this relationship is important enough for you to give in a little to your man's desires.