Dear Bearded Confidant,

I am 17 and get horny by dressing in female underwear. About 3 months ago I was dressed  in bra & panties jerking off when two friends walked in on me (I had forgotten to lock the door). After a second or two embarrassed silence, Billy said how sexy I looked and asked if I would jerk them off. I agreed and we played with each other's dicks until we all spurted.  Since then we have jerked off 3 or 4 times a week. About a month ago Billy asked if I would suck their dicks as he wanted to know how it felt.  Again I said yes, but afterwards neither of them would suck my dick. Instead of just jerking them off, I now suck their dicks and swallow their cum at least twice a week. Billy has said that for my 18th birthday next week he will get Ian to suck my dick after they have both fucked my arse. I really want Ian to suck me, but am worried that after they have fucked me Ian still won't suck my dick. They both know how much I love sucking their dicks, especially Ian's, and enjoy drinking their cum so I am also scared that if I refuse to let them fuck me they will stop letting me suck them off. Have you any suggestions as to how I can get one of them to suck me?

Dear Birthday Boy,

Once both Ian and Billy have finished their fuck-fest on your virgin ass, neither is likely to have the energy to suck you off in return.  Before your two buddies start taking turns on your hole, I recommend that you suggest an even sexier scenario.  Have Ian sit in a chair and stroke on himself while he watches you get fucked by Billy.  Tell Ian that you want him to see what your face looks like when a man's hard cock is shoved inside your ass.  Have Billy take you from behind while you stand in front of Ian.  Jerk your own cock in front of Ian's face while you get fucked by Billy.  Ian will get hot watching as you get fucked and stroke your meat.  And because he'll be touching himself at the same time, he'll quickly find himself in a sexual frenzy.  The bottom line is that in this state of mind, with a dripping dick waving in his face, Ian will be more likely to want to suck you.  If his mouth doesn't drop open on its own, try telling him how hot it will be for Billy to suck you off while Ian is satisfying your ass.  You'll be creaming down his throat for your birthday.