Dear Bearded Confidant,

I am seriously attracted to a friend I work out with at a gym in the morning every day.  He is a smaller guy but he has the biggest vein covered "pornstar" cock I have ever seen!  He is married and presumably straight but he times his shower to coincide exactly with mine each day, and he makes a point of teasing me with that beautiful cock every morning.  We talk to each other a bit each day and I usually put my own tool on display for him as well...  One day I even had a complete hard-on which I didn't even try to cover up for him.  He just talks to me and seems not to notice.  I'm sure he wants his cock sucked but how do I ask him?  All of his talk is totally straight and I am afraid I may be misinterpreting the whole scene. Help!

Dear Blue,

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Did you know that when your buddy is working out every day at the gym, he's also strengthening and lengthening his penile muscles? When you build one muscle (a bicep, for example), all the other muscles in your body are sympathetically stimulated with increased blood flow. (This phenomenon is known as the "spot training myth" — any one exercise works the entire body.) It may well be that every time your gym buddy flashes his pornstar cock at you, it's the biggest that it's ever been. The fact that he's comfortable being naked around you is a very good sign. The fact that he times his showers to coincide with yours is an even better sign. Married or not, here is a man who enjoys unfettered masculine companionship. Is he a cock tease, or does he want to get off with you? That's the big question, and there's only one way to find out. But that one way can be gradual, just as a dick grows hard in stages. Your steamy shower conversations with this guy need to be steamy in themselves. You should bring the topic to sex, because talking about sex can lead to having sex. There are ways to bring up sex naturally. For example, you might gasp when the hot water hits your naked penis, then explain that you're sore from a prolonged jackoff session. Such a comment will reveal to your buddy that you're highly sexual, that you enjoy getting off, that you have sexual stamina, and that you're comfortable with your masculinity. The subliminal message is that you'd make a great sex partner. Watch for any sign of an erection in your buddy's already-massive cock. That'll be an opening for you to admire his size. Even if he acts shocked or offended by such a remark (which is unlikely), there's no question that he'll be secretly flattered. Who knows—he might answer with an invitation for you to suck it! In this age of surveillance cameras, I must caution you to be careful initiating sex acts in public spaces. If you get a strong signal that your buddy wants to do the deed, resist the impulse to go wild and instead come up with a place to rendezvous.