Dear Bearded Confidant,

I really need your help.  There's no-one else I can ask this.  I'm 17 years old and live in Greece.  Next month I have to go to take my exams for the military. You know, they exam our bodies, we have to be naked etc. It's also said they check to see whether or not we get erections. Well, it's also said they make us be naked in a room with so many other guys, waiting for our turn to be examined. Are these true? I mean if they do this here, then it must be something that happens in many other countries. Well, I am afraid!!! I really don't want to be naked in front of so many people that I don't even know! Let alone have a doctor deal with my penis to see about my erections. What will I do? What if I cum when he touches me? What if I get an erection by seeing all those guys and their dicks??? This is one of my fantasies, but I never wanted it to come true!!! What if it finally does?! And something else, that's REALLY important. I'm uncut. And I used to masturbate for quite a long time without getting the "head" uncovered by the foreskin. So, now I discovered that I cannot pull the foreskin completely back when my penis is erected. And if I do get it back before my erection, then when the erection occurs, there's this sharp pain. As if the skin will tear. I have to "strech it back to normal!" I MUST MAKE IT BE ABLE TO BE RETRACTED!!! What would happen if the doctor there saw it can't be retracted? God! Please, bearded confidant, please help me!!!  Thank you in advance!!!

Dear Efthymis,

It is unlikely the military doctors will check your erection. However, you will almost certainly be around other naked men. Many guys cannot get hard when they are nervous and when their bodies are cold, so it us not likely that you will get an erection around these other men, even though you would be turned on by them in other circumstances. A more important issue is your foreskin. You need to practice stretching your foreskin so that the opening gets wider. Otherwise you will continue to experience discomfort when you get hard. Any time you can, such as while watching television, while studying, even while on the toilet, gently stretch open your foreskin and hold it stretched for as long as you can. This is best to do when your cock is soft. The foreskin is made to be flexible, and it will stretch out over time if you work at it. Don't force it too hard, of course, or it could tear. But gentle stretching will work.