Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have not had sex with a man yet.  I don't find my body attractive and can't imagine any other guy wanting to have sex with me.  My particular concern is with my uncut penis.  When I have an erection, the foreskin does not pull back fully as it is attached to the head on the underside.  This does not appear to be a problem in the videos or photos I have seen.  I like the look of a fully exposed head. Is there anything I can do?

Dear Yet-to-Score,

Your uncut cock should pose no problem when you finally have sex with another man.  Your description of your foreskin is normal.  Many men's entire cockheads remains fully sheathed when they are rock hard.  This skin protects the sensitive nerves of your penis, ensuring that you receive the fullest stimulation and pleasure during sex.  The foreskin allows more manflesh for your partner to touch, lick, suck on, and play with.  I understand that you like the look of a fully exposed head.  Such images are very common in erotic photography, and the cockhead is of course quite beautiful.  But think of your foreskin as a kind of gift-wrapping.  It is fun to open up a present, and it is fun to slowly reveal a glistening cockhead that was hidden behind foreskin.  There are many fine porno videos from the Czech Republic featuring beautiful men with their foreskins intact. The close-up action shots show how nothing gets in the way of full man-to-man sex.