Dear Bearded Confidant,

My name is Jack. I'm in my 20's and uncircumsized. I have heard that people with an uncut penis have to  wash off the head. How do you do that? My penis foreskin only reveals the head and that's it. How often  do you have to wash it? 

Dear Hoodwinked,

No two foreskins are the same, but as a general rule I would recommend gently exposing the head of your cock in the shower (you can face away from the spray if the head is too sensitive) and simply running a soapy finger over it.  Pull down the foreskin as far as it will go when you do your cleanings and be sure to rinse away the suds.  I would do this whenever you bathe, as part of your regular cleaning routine.  There's no need to do a hard scrub of your cock.  Save the friction for erotic situations!