Dear Bearded Confidant,

I want to get fucked and enjoy it at the same time. It's as simple as that. But, whenever I try it with my boyfriend it hurts tremendously and I have to back up from doing it. So to experience what it would feel like to get fucked, I tried putting crowbar or a pencil in my anus, but I don't feel anything that most guys say they feel about prostate fun. I can't seem to find my prostate or what location is it in. Is it possible that I don't have any? Why can't I find pleasure or my prostate?

Dear Unfucked,

The good news is that finding your prostate will be fun in itself!  The fastest way to find it is to jack off in your usual way and, as you start shooting your mancream, reach a hand under your balls and feel around that fuzzy area between your balls and anus.  Very close to your anus you'll feel where your cum is being pumped out from inside your body. That's your prostate working its magic.  The next time you stroke off, gently get some lube up your ass using one finger and stick a finger two inches up your ass just as you are getting close to spraying your jizz. Your finger will feel your prostate pumping the cream out, and the stimulation of the finger will intensify the orgasm.  When your man fucks your ass, his dick can't avoid rubbing across your prostate, and that's what makes getting fucked so pleasurable.  If you are experiencing pain during anal intercourse, check out my archive for tips on making the experience easy and fun.