Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have this huge problem and I hope you can help me. You see, I have  this friend, who is a girl, and she is together with this other guy. He is  only 1 year older then me and rumors say he is Bi. Even his girlfriend (my  friend) says so. The reason why people say he is Bi is because he has kissed  and almost sucked this guy. Even in pulblic he might hit his friends on the  butt or say "Hey sexy!" to other males.  All this turns me on. And I think I am Bi as well. And I really want this  guy. I have never had a relationship with a boy before. Never kissed or  anything else sexual. And something tells me that I can get him. Cause one  time I had to bath in the ocean in front of all these people, included him.  And when I was done and almost dressed in my room he came in and said he was  really horny on me. I had another friend sitting in the same room so he just  left. And another time we were having a friendly fight and I got a halfway  hard on and I think he noticed. I loved him and wanted to kiss him when he  was rolling over me. We also call each other sexy and stuff, but thats just  the way we talk. I don't think he could take a hint through that.  What should I do? How should I tell him that I am interested in him without  making a big scene? How do I know if he really is interested in me?

Dear Someone in Love,

You essentially have two choices. Continue flirting like you have been, with lots of sexy talk but no clear answers, or open your heart to your friend and let him know once and for all that you are seriously attracted to him. Will this make a big scene? Maybe yes, and maybe no. It all depends upon how reacts, and of course there is no way to predict that for sure. You have to ask yourself these questions: Is my love for this man genuine? Is my love worth being revealed? Am I ready to accept his love in return if he feels the same way? Am I willing to lose him as a friend if he is offended by my confession? If you did not answer "yes" to every one of those questions, you are not ready to find out if he is interested in you as well. Please see my archives (below) for further advice on relationships with buddies.