Dear Bearded Confidant,

I'm a 30-year old mostly straight-sex guy who has also  found that once in a while, m2m is fun, too.  I travel  a lot for work, staying in good to really nice hotels,  usually. My question: Is there a real way to hook up  with a bellboy or concierge? The classic fantasy of  calling room service or asking for extra towels and  then answering in your underwear seems to me like it'd  be a nuisance to them more than anything. 

Dear Anonymous,

You might be surprised by how many hotel bellboys are willing to provide more intimate forms of guest service—as long as the tip is big enough.  There are two questions you must ask yourself: 1) Am I willing to ask a stranger point blank if he wants to fuck? 2) Am I willing to pay for the experience?  Unless you come right out and tell the bellboy you are horny, he will not be sure if you are just flirting or trying to hire him.  It is certainly possible that you could find a bellboy who was genuinely attracted to you and wanted to fool around at the end of his shift, but it is far more likely that these men will be trying to earn a little spending money on the side.  I suggest that you call up a bellboy and ask him "How much do you think it would cost for a man to get some masculine companionship around here?"  He will either play dumb and make an exit, recommend a buddy of his, or tell you he is available.