Dear Bearded Confidant,

I find myself wanting to be in a situation where my straight friends find out that I like to suck cock. They then proceed to rip my clothes off of me in a public place and make me suck their cocks for all to see.  Why do I have this feeling?  To be stripped naked.  Then have no clothing after I am finished blowing them.

Dear Mike,

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There's a simple answer as to why a guy would fantasize about being forced to suck cock in public: it's hot.  But we can shed light on the various aspects of your particular fantasy:

The fact that friends are involved in your fantasy points to a desire for intimacy (a deeper feeling of closeness than an anonymous encounter would provide). 

The fact that the friends in your fantasy are straight points to a desire for (or fear of) masculinity in a pure form—so-called "real men."  (Of course, there's no one classification of "real man," since every man on earth of whatever sexual proclivity presents his own facet of manhood.  And if the men in your fantasy want you to suck their cocks, they're hardly "straight" in their actions, eh?)

The fact that you are stripped naked in your fantasy points to a desire for (or fear of) vulnerability.  Clothing is a form of protection, and nakedness is symbolic of helplessness.  Plenty of men, especially those in executive positions, get off on feeling powerless.

The fact that your fantasy encounter takes places in public points to a desire for (or fear of) being "outed," either as a gay man or as a cock-hungry bottom.

The fact that you are left naked in your fantasy is interesting.  Nakedness is sometimes referred to as one's "birthday suit."  In the context of your fantasy, your new nakedness could mark a symbolic birthday — a personal rebirth or coming of age or rite of passage.

Which aspects of your fantasy were fearful, and which were thrilling?  Your Bearded Confidant can't know those answers, and perhaps neither can you, at least not fully.  But in the simplest terms, your fantasy suggests a sexual attraction to your friends and the desire for them to know your sexuality (after all, they can hardly offer their dicks if they don't know you'll suck them).  Lusting after friends and forced sex fantasies are very common, so don't worry that you're somehow abnormal for having such thoughts.