Dear Bearded Confidant,

I'd like to explore wearing diapers with my boyfriend but am unsure how to approach this with him.  I'm not after dressing as a baby or having him change me, I'm just looking for new ways to explore our piss fetish together.  I'd love for us both to wet ourselves discretely when we're out, before going home or finding somewhere quiet to fuck.  There aren't many images of young and attractive men enjoying diapers out there and I worry that he might be turned off by the idea of trying this!

Dear Mark,

I have a great suggestion for you.  You're right that your lover might be turned off by the idea of wearing a diaper, as diapers are commonly associated with children or incontinence and therefore have negative connotations.  But there are alternatives!  Consider introducing something called "containment swim briefs" into your sex life -- they're inconspicuous, washable, reusable, high-tech polyurethane briefs designed for adults, and they contain several cups of piss.  Discovery Trekking is one company that makes them.  There's also the concept of "maximum absorbancy underwear," which are pull-up briefs that hold piss.  These sorts of options sidestep the negative associations of diapers.  They're products designed for adults, they're made to contain piss while you're out and about, and they're absolutely fetish-ready.  When you introduce swim briefs or absorbancy underwear to your lover, be sure to identify them as fetish wear for watersports.  Once your lover is into all the sexy possibilities of swim briefs and absorbancy underwear, if you're still intrigued by adult diapers then it'll be easier to approach him with that idea.  Have fun, Mark!