Dear Bearded Confidant,

On occasions I have masturbated and maintained an erection, but during sex I can't keep it up.  Last night I had a problem with constipation and had to have an enema.  I discovered a new feeling I had never experienced before.  I was lying on my back in the bathtub having the enema when I got a very hard erection.  My wife had misplaced the rectal pipe, so she gave me the enema using a douche nozzle.  I was able to stay erect during the entire enema, but whenever my wife and I have intercourse, I can't stay erect.  Could it be that the longer nozzle being inserted in my rectum caused me to keep my erection longer than I normally would?

Dear Young,

The douche nozzle (and any other object you care to insert) is stimulating the base of your penis around the prostate gland. When you have an erection, you can easily feel the base of your penis between your balls and anus. One reason anal sex is so erotic for the receiver is that the base of his penis and prostate are stimulated at the same time. It's little wonder that the enema encouraged a strong erection, and in the future you may want to experiment with butt plugs, dildos, and other insertive sex toys so that every sexual encounter doesn't have to take place in the bathtub.