Dear Bearded Confidant,

I'm 8" long and curved to my left. I have not suffered any pain. My partner is 24 years old. She told me that I was her first.  I have not been able to help her reach her climax, orgasm.  I've been with 4 others and have been able to make those females orgasm.  My question is, how does dick curvature affect intercourse. Are there any positions that would help with the curve?

Dear Juan,

Since you have been able to make other women cum by fucking them, I don't think the problem is with your cock. I suspect that the problem with your current girlfriend is on her end, or has to do with the chemistry between the two of you. Unfortunately, I don't know much about female anatomy or sexual response. I have concentrated my studies on masculine plumbing and man-to-man contact. However, I do know that your curving cock is by no means unusual, and as long as you aren't in pain it shouldn't cause any problems for you. In fact, most people seem to enjoy a cock with a personality all its own. No two men have exactly the same shape or bend to their cocks, so there is no one sexual position that is necessarily better than another. It all depends on what feels good to you and what feels good to your partner, and there's no way to predict that without trying different things out.