Dear Bearded Confidant,

My fuck buddy is a really fit guy, not some 9inch monster though.  He's got a real average, good looking thick cock — obviously this is all great. The problem is despite his average size I still can't take it all. He gets about 4 or 5 inches in and its like a wall in there. We've tried taking it slow, and I've felt really relaxed, no pain or anything, but he still meets 'the wall.' He's tried just forcing me, but it just hurt like hell. When I do him I get in real easy, right up to my balls squashed on his butt cheeks. He says it's fine and he still gets off inside me, but I feel I'm really letting him down. I want him to get the same deep feeling I get from him. Any thoughts?

Dear Joe,

Yes, you can break this "wall" preventing full penetration, but it's going to take some independent homework on your part.  I recommend that you combine deep breathing techniques (known as "Yogic Breathing" or "Four-Square Breathing") with dildo work.  Get a dildo that is just slightly longer and thicker than your fuck buddy's cock.  Lube it up and very slowly work it inside your hole, a millimeter at a time, as you do slow, deep breaths.  Try to completely fill your lungs with each inhale, and try to completely empty your lungs with each exhale.  But always remain comfortable—never strain.  Inhale for about four seconds, try to hold that breath for another four seconds, and then exhale for four seconds.  Try counting to four again before your next inhalation.  Upon each exhalation, push the dildo another millimeter up your ass.  You'll find that with each set of deep breathing your whole body will progressively relax.  Try it for 20 to 30 minutes and see if you don't penetrate that wall.  Once you master taking the dildo all the way up your ass, your fuck buddy's slightly smaller cock will be a piece of cake.  Though it's natural to pant like a wild animal while you're getting fucked, try doing slow, deep breathing as your man slides inside of you.  Once he's in to the hilt, you can pant away and howl like a wolf.