Dear Bearded Confidant,

This might sound like a stupid question BUT here goes anyway... I have been working out quite a bit lately to lose weight and get rid of the Bear type belly that over the last several years has some how found its way on to my body. As I have lost weight I have noticed that the foreskin of my cut penis seems to me growing back... no I don't mean by magic but the head of my penis in the a.m. is tucked back into it... after a few minuets in the shower (or if it is warm out) is seems to come out. However I have noticed  that when I play with my cock I can stretch the foreskin much further than I used to. I would love to work more concisely on restoring my foreskin but could you tell me if what I have been experiencing is normal... or have the gay Gods smiled upon me...?

Dear Tex,

I suspect that your weight loss has slightly loosened up the skin all over your body, including your cock.  The bad news for your cock is that such looseness tends to be temporary (especially in younger men), as the skin naturally firms back up on its own.  However, this is probably a good time to begin foreskin restoration, if you are interested in that.  The extra looseness you are experiencing will make the restoration process easier to begin.