Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have used a vacuum pump and it has destroyed my sex life! It has taken away my sex drive. My cock and balls stay much hotter than normal even when soft. The only way I can get a good hard-on is to take Viagra, and it doesn't last long! Can you give advice? Thanks.

Dear Deflated,

Some of the most sensitive tissue and nerves in a man's body are in his penis. Let's face it--nothing could be worth getting your dick messed up over. A lot of men experience bad results from using vacuum pumps. Sometimes their dicks get so stretched out that they can't get hard anymore. Sometimes they suffer nerve damage which desensitizes them. The hot sensations you describe probably point to increased blood flow to your penis, which could be a sign of trauma. You should definitely seek a physician's care. Also consider getting a second opinion from an alternative/traditional heathcare professional such as an acupuncturist or herbalist. Such professionals may be able to speed up the healing process in a non-invasive therapeutic way.