Dear Bearded Confidant,

I am in my early thirties and would like to get circumcised for hygiene reasons. Is this recomended for a person of my age?  What benefits would I get from it?  Would it improve my sex life as well?

Dear Tian,

Guys often want what they don't have.  Men with foreskins often wonder what it is like to be cut, and men who are cut dream of being restored to their natural state.  I cannot recommend circumcision, based upon my research and the men whom I have talked to who have been circumcised later in life.  Your foreskin is a living part of your flesh, containing blood vessels and many sensitive nerve endings.  It also helps to protect the sensitive head of your penis from becoming desensitized due to friction caused by rubbing against your underwear and by masturbation.  Removal of the foreskin actually limits the sensitivity of your penis by decreasing the number of sexual nerve endings and toughening up the cockhead.  Decreased sensitivity means less erotic pleasure during sex.  Also, the foreskin allows much more flexibility during intercourse.  If you are fucking a guy and he clamps down hard on your cock with his ass, you'll still be able to pump if you have a foreskin because your cock can slide through your own foreskin.  That is not possible for a man who is cut.  In terms of hygiene, the little bit of extra effort to wash the foreskin is highly preferable to the damage caused by the removal of a vital part of your sexual anatomy.  I cannot imagine wanting to have less pleasure during sex, so therefore I cannot imagine choosing to be circumcised.