Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have just begun exploring my bi-sexual curiosity.  I found that I love giving head more than I would have ever imagined.  Problem is, my mouth dries out pretty quick, and I would love to get his cock nice and wet. You have any tips on working up spit?

Dear Dry Mouth,

Some experiences in life are almost too awesome for words. Sucking on a man's hard cock until he shoots off in your mouth is one of those experiences. For many, performing fellatio on a man borders on a religious experience. It is truly a form of worship of the masculine, and the reward is cum—the pure masculine essence in liquid form. The perfect act of fellatio requires a wet mouth, and the wetter the better. When your man feels you drooling over his hot cock, you can be sure he'll be turned on even more. Stress and nerves can cause dry mouth, and this is a common symptom for guys new to fellatio or who are fooling around with another man for the first time. If you experience dry mouth, there are many ways to solve your problem. One way is to try artificial saliva. A quick Web search will pinpoint several pharmaceutical products that treat dry mouth, from lemon- and mint-flavored mouth moisturizer sprays to oral gels that relieve dry mouth for up to 8 hours. The classic and scientifically proven way to get your natural saliva flowing is to drop a few drops of lemon on your tongue. Yoga teaches another way to get the saliva flowing: roll your tongue from the sides to the center and breathe in very quickly through your mouth. Yet another approach is to think of a succulent food that you love. If you know that you'll probably get a chance to suck off a guy tonight or tomorrow, lay off salty foods and liquids, minimize caffeine intake, and avoid alcoholic beverages, as all of these contribute to a dry mouth.