Dear Bearded Confidant,

I have an 8 inch cock and am very curious about bi-sexuality.  I've sucked my own dick (I can't get further than my head).  But still, I haven't blown a load in my mouth.  I wanted to know if it is safe to swallow cum before I try it.  Can you please tell whether it is unhealthy or not?

Dear James,

Swallowing your own cum is perfectly healthy, and shooting off into your own mouth is one of the supreme pleasures of autoeroticism. It is also a wonderful way to discover whether or not you like the taste of sperm. After you have had an orgasm, your appetite for sperm is likely to diminish, but if you squirt your jizz into your mouth while you cum, you will very likely enjoy the experience. That's because you will still be at the height of sexual excitement as you taste your semen.