Dear Bearded Confidant,

I really want to have sex, but not with just anyone. I want a strong man, neither fat or thin, and without any sort of imperfection. Now this wouldn't be a problem if I was a hot stud with a hot bod, but I'm not. I'm not really fat but overweight. I also have a lot that I want in a guy, and while I have found guys in my area that I would like to get together with, I don't want to ask them because I don't want them to get over to my place and then not be what they expected. Should I lower my standards or just keep looking for the guy of my dreams? Thanks for your help.

Dear Lost and Lonely,

We should never lower our standards when it comes to finding the perfect man, because we get what we expect out of life.  However, don't be unrealistic in your requirements (it's human nature that everybody has at least one tiny flaw).  Remember that it's a guy's personality, imagination, and sense of caring that make for a great time in bed.  If you are worried about not being what other guys expect, I recommend setting up a blog.  You can put up pictures of yourself, describe your interests, and specify what you're looking for in a man.  That way guys cruising the internet will be able to find you and check you out.  Your website will help screen out all the riff-raff, and only guys interested in meeting you will contact you.