Dear Bearded Confidant,

Give me a hand.  I am a 60 year old "bisexual" male. I went to a Roman Catholic Seminary when I was 17 and studied to be a priest.  I was ordained at age 24.  At that time I had NO sexual experience.  I had not had sex with another male or with a female.  I had not even masturbated until I was 26. After some homosexual and heterosexual experience, I left the priesthood at age 34 and married.  Now, at age 60 I have strong homosexual attractions and been involved in some very casual and anonymous homosexual contacts. How normal or "un-normal" am I?  Please advise.

Dear Shemaus,

The experiences you have described are quite typical.  Many men are late bloomers when it comes to sexuality, and most men remain sexually active throughout their lives.  There is such a wide range of male sexual activity that it's virtually impossible to classify any man as simply "heterosexual" or "homosexual."  In a nutshell, you're not "un-normal" by any stretch of the imagination.  Pursue your attractions and have a blast!