Dear Bearded Confidant,

I am a married man who travels once a month.  So, I always have a room booked ahead of time.  When I get into town, like Columbus, or Coshocton, Ohio, I cannot find any men.  I really want to fuck a man and to have a monthly hot encounter exploring each other's body.  Oral sex sounds terrific... And I really want to know the feeling of putting my cock into a man's tight ass.  I think the idea of a man's hot sweaty ass is a real turn on. How do I go about picking up a man?  I am great with women.  I just can't seem to get a man.  I am not looking for any type... just a man that wants to fuck and fuck all night.  �Rory that craves man action...

Dear Rory,

According to the bisexual guys I have talked to, picking up a man is actually easier than picking up a woman because you don't have to worry about the gender communication differences. Before you go on your trips, you should search the Internet for gay bars and clubs in the city you will visit. Those are places where you will find single gay, bisexual, and bi-curious men who are probably horny for mansex. When you get there, look for a guy you would like to fuck and approach him. Men in gay bars often don't expect or require a lot of pickup lines. If you make eye contact with a man and approach him, he will know you are interested without any words being spoken. Another common way to find a fuck buddy for the evening is to chat with guys on-line and develop a list of contacts to call on when you get into town. I know a college teacher who travels quite a bit to attend conferences, and he always meets up with at least three or four different men wherever he goes. They are men he has gotten to know in on-line chat rooms, where they exchanged info on what turns them on and what they like to do or want to try. A less risky approach to finding a man is to hire a male escort for the evening. Male escorts usually advertise their services on the Internet (just do a search for "gay male escort" along with the city you are visiting). I recommend this approach because the escort will be a professional at lovemaking (your first experience with mansex ought to be mind blowing) and will probably take plenty of measures to ensure that he is clean and disease-free. An escort will have the stamina to go all night, and most offer all-night rates which are more reasonable than hourly rates.