Dear Bearded Confidant,

So I am a 19 year old bisexual guy and I have not told anyone that I am attracted to men.  I have gotten with lots of girls so no one really suspects a thing.  I enjoy getting with females, but I only watch gay porn and I have more of a desire to explore that side of me.  The main problem is that my best friend is gay.  I have always thought about it, but I have never made any types of advances.  I have never done anything with any guys, so I'm not quite sure how to approach the situation.  I am not even sure what he would do, but I DEFINITELY don't want to fuck up our friendship.  We are both headed off to college in about 10 days, so I'm running out of time and I'm just unsure if I should make any type of move.

Dear Norm Al,

There's one thing you should do, and something else you shouldn't do.  What you definitely should do is come out to your best friend as a bisexual, before you run off to college.  What you definitely should not do is make any sexual advances on your best friend, lest you ruin your friendship.  You definitely don't want that sort of stress added to the many adjustments involved with starting college.  There will be plenty of gay guys at college who will be more than happy to initiate you into the many wonders of mansex.  In the meantime, double up on your jerk-off regimen to tame your horniness and don't risk freaking out your best friend.  Now, if your best friend volunteers to introduce you to mansex, then I'd still caution you to take things easy and maybe just watch each other jerk off or give each other handjobs.  If you keep it casual, the sex play will be less likely to fuck up your friendship.